Discover Your Tribe, Discover Your Power.

Women Uplifting Women Unconditionally


Empathy & Understanding

Dive into a community where your story is heard ad your dreams are validated. Amy's vision sprang from the belief that every woman deserves a platform to be uplifted and to uplift others


Diverse Connections

From mentoring sessions to enriching book studies, WUWU Women bridges gaps. Whether you're in Afghanistan seeking to improve your English or simply looking for a mentor to navigate life's hurdles, you'll find an open door here


Transformational Retreats

Experience our Go Native retreats- a blend of relaxation, revival, & fear-conquering activities designed to rejuvenate your spirit, realign your focus and start your journey here

A Thousand Women Strong : WUWU Women has touched the lives of thousands, creating a tapestry of empowered women across the globe. Our diversity is our strength, bringing together voices from every walk of life, every belief system, and every ambition.


At WUWU Women, we're more than just a community; we're a movement. Founded by Amy Emme, a beacon of inspiration and transformation, WUWU Women embodies the spirit of women uplifting women unconditionally. It's a sanctuary where every woman, regardless of her past, finds strength, support, and the courage to forge ahead.

Hear From Amy

"In creating WUWU Women, my dream was to build a hub where women could come together, learn from each other, and help each other grow. It's about embracing where you are now and where you want to be, without dwelling on the past. We focus on the here and now, and on creating a brighter future together. And the best part? You're never alone."